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November 19, 2019


Step # l: Build the thought/energy ball between your hands. It should be at least as big as a baseball and have a feeling of solidity and life.

Step #2: Program the thought/energy ball with the clear picture of your desired result on the indigo ray from your brow center.

Step #3: Now that it is programmed, your thought/energy ball can properly be called a thought-form. Feed your thought-form with the green ray from your heart center, the red ray from your root center and any other psychic center energy that seems appropriate.

Step # 4: Put your thought-form in a safe place and feed it twice a day with the clear thought of the end result and the various psychic center energies.

Step #5: When you are sure it's strong enough, send your thought-form on its way to manifestation or let it decide the right time and go on its own.

Step #6: Accept and enjoy the tangible manifestation that is certain to come to you.

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