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November 26, 2019

Mind-power Daimons

New Thought affirmation meets the Spirit Model of magic!

I find this useful in learning how to behold the spiritual world and the myriad intelligent beings therein. I've always been drawn to the daimonic world-view - that we are immersed and surrounded by invisible beings. This kind of prayer helps to make it more real.

Recognition: Our cosmos is constructed of interlinking spheres of myriad spiritual beings and intelligences; all moving in a cosmic dance of essential harmony and mysterious concord. Everything sensory, living, soulful and knowable is constantly emerging out of the Nine Orbs of the Spiritual World.  Out of the One emerges Creative Mind, scintillating within the Stars of the Celestial Wheel. Before the Throne of Wisdom stand Seven Creative Spirits, Principles and Agents of Mind. Out of Mind through the Seven emerges the Archai, grand Daimonic Time Spirits of meaningful aeons, significant seasons, creative days and planetary hours. Within the living matrix of kairotic Time, Archangelic Intelligences assemble holy ideas and potencies within nations, groups, and collective destinies. Archangels emit Angels as messengers of the dreamtime building with images for human help. Attracted by the lights and tones of the Twilight Spirits come elemental daemons of fire, air, water and earth, materializing forms woven by Angels, designed by Archangels, regulated by Archai, sculpted by Exusiai, motivated by Dynamis, idealized by Kyriotetes, arranged by Thronoi and conceived among the wheeling wisdom of Erelim whose axial center is the Stillness of the One.

Unification: My being is rooted in fiery daemons who serve Creative Mind, burning, shining, flaring spirits of egoic heat and dryness in spiritual reality. My being is ensouled by the aerial daemons who serve Creative Mind, blowing, exhaling, inspiring, expanding spirits of astral heat and wetness in psychic locality. My being is enlivened by the aqueous daemons who serve Creative Mind, flowing, springing, fountaining, streaming spirits of etheric cold and wetness in elemental life and harmony. My being is grounded in the earthy daemons who serve Creative Mind, hardening, mineralizing, sinking, weighing spirits of physical cold and dryness. My mineral body was shaped and engraved by Silent Aralim, manifesting all mineral bodies on this Earth. My etheric body is an organism woven into matrices of life by the Shining Chashmalim. My astral body is a breathing soul located within the sentient world by the Holy Serafim. My spiritual ego is a spark of eternal presence, harmonized by the Malakim in the light of our evolutionary fire-flower coming from the One.

Realization: All phenomena of sight and sound, smell, taste and touch reveal the wise and guiding presence of immanent spirit beings. Visual images, remembered etherically, unfold in soul-consciousness as sentient daemons with a life and mission of their own! Experiences of sound retained in tone-ether, reveal spinning geometric shapes of beautiful intelligences I long to meet. I am embedded in the vaporous bodies of fragrant thought-beings whose sensory forms are evanescent. I am momentarily altered by the bitter, sweet, sour, salty sensory bodies of spirit beings briefly incarnated as they pass through me. Textures and kinesthesis emerge as sensory bodies of entities organizing through the trace of my skin, taking passage through me on their own paths. All experiences of livingness, animation and vitality which surge within, around and through me are evidences of inner spirit beings! Every action of Imagination, willed or spontaneous, is the temporary structure of an angel with magical origins and goals. Each zesty, motivating feeling of purpose and meaning is the brush of an angels wings, a touch of its grace. Moral urges arising in my heart from august astral spirits; inspiring moods, sweeping in from loving beings in the surrounding world soul; illuminating ideas catalyzing Intuition are aligned with divine messengers - all these inner experiences are potent signals of daemons.

Thanks: I am grateful for the building awareness of mysterious daemonic movements through the spiritual world. I gladly receive the presence of daemons whose temporary bodies make me take notice. If the daemons appear in plants or if they show themselves riding animals, and if they wish to shape the winds and breezes to their ends, or play in the sprays and streams of flowing water, cavorting in the dramatic shows of weather, I welcome their coming and going!. I am grateful for surges of vitality which suggest their formative life-forces are close by, moving near, settled intimately. I am glad for their true grace which softens my heart against tyranny and dilates my feelings in the care of others. I give my thanks to daemons that speak to me with their invisible breath, bringing companionship always, friendship often and arcane messages as needed to help me on the path.

Release: Now I propel this affirmative prayer for beholding daemons, into Creative Mind. I release my energized word into daemonic hands, knowing they carry my consonants up to angelic beings. I strongly feel angelic beings receiving my words and bearing up my vowels into the hands of their princes. I envision with trust the choral leaders, catapulting my word into the spirits of time, dissolving this word into compelling vibrations merging into Creative Mind - Potent Feminine Mind of the One, Holy Shekinah of IAOE, Poetic Spirit of David the Beloved - Creative Mind, our Maker, Founder, Active Law, Manifesting All, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, One Mind. Let it be so!

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