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November 29, 2019

Sefirot and Powers of the Soul

Sefirah: Outer function in Divinity and soul
Human Soul Powers: soul expressions of Divine motivations
Keter- Crown above consciousness
"Three Heads (levels) in Keter":
Essence of Keter:
Unconscious unity of faith (emunah) -
Essence (etzem) of soul in Atzilut or God's essence.

Inner Keter:
Unconscious source of (higher self rooted in delight (ta'anug).

Outer Keter: transcendent will (ratzon) which higher self expresses through will/
Chokmah -Wisdom insight
Bittul- Selflessness (Conscious illumination inspires self nullification)
Binah- Understanding concept
Simchah- Joy (Understanding awakens joy)
Daat- Knowledge of idea
Yichud- Union (Union with idea awakens emotions)
Chesed- Kindness expansion
Ahavah- Love of God and Divine in all things
(Response of Divine giving)
Gevurah- Restriction, Might
Yirah- Awe of God (Mystical awe of Divinity)
Tiferet- Beautiful harmony
Rachamim- Compassion (Balances kindness with restriction)
Netzach-Victor, Eternity
Bitachon- Confidence (Confidence inspires determination)
HodSplendour, Thanksgiving
Temimut- Sincerity (Sincere response to Divine Glory)
Yesod- Foundation connection
Emet- Truth (Desire for expressing higher powers  as truth in action)
Malchut- Kingship action
Shiflut- Lowliness (Action through receiving higher Sephirot lights)

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