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December 21, 2019

A Three Stage Model of Problem Spirits

VEXATION:  a human resonates with the qualitative elements of the Shell or demon, allowing the spirit to appear within their personal environment. Resonance may occur through enduring and repeated destructive habits of behavior, speech and belief. 

Negative habits of long-standing (over a year) which include self- and other-destructive fantasies, as well as thinking attached to materialistic non-spirituality, contribute to the setting up of resonance with the demonic. 

When undergoing vexation, individuals may notice chains of bad luck, sudden recurring spells of fatigue for no medical reason, negative synchronicity where outer events appear to line up with inner destructive fantasies, moods and thoughts. 

A magical link between the person's aura is "set" to resonate unconsciously by habitual destructive thinking, feeling and imagining.

OBSESSION: the psyche of the victim is influenced and even directed by the kelipah, particularly on the level of thought and feeling. While the Shell is operating upon the person's aura from outside, it has penetrated the individual's aura to some extent. Obsessing spirits can attack the egoic-spirit aura level (which is outermost) based on the individual's level of spiritual blindness This is generally due to lack of functional belief in the spiritual world. The astral-soul aura is nested within the egoic aura and is penetrated when violent and destructive thoughts predominate. The etheric-life aura, closest to the physical body, is made more vulnerable by evil imaginations and fantasies. Etheric penetration and vitality vampirism by the kelipot often results in noticeable lethargy and poor health.

POSSESSION: generally the astral-soul body is the goal for entity possession since it is the generator of I-awareness within the personality. The attacking kelipah wants to destroy the I-being which is the central, crowning point of choice within the human soul. Invading entities try to promote mental dullness, emotional reactivity and low vitality. The benefits of these mind-states for the invader are that the victim remains unaware of the intrusive and commanding intelligence of the shell. The I-being or human ego is "drowned" in emotional reactivity. This means there is a loss of the ability to engage in self-reflection as well as self-distance as part of the observing mind. Over-stimulation of emotion drives a falsely generated etheric vitality, which allows the invader to feed upon and consolidate it's attachment to the aura. The invader, working through the etheric body, can then exert control over the speech and behavior of the physical body. This is the final goal of all demonic influence: to fully inhabit the human physical body.

The general process of demonic incursion is from the external environment within to the core psychosomatic form of the human personality. At vexation, spirits attached to objects, people and places which are encountered in the environment may stick to the outermost auric field of humans who resonate with non-spirituality, atheism and materialist ideologies.

December 6, 2019

Living with Elementals, Daimons, Angels, Archangels and Gods

I imagine that there really is no more than an apparent separation between our subtle bodies. It is the human I-being that defines culturally influenced categories and criteria of separateness, individuality and independence. Our modern culturally determined mode of consciousness demands that we view ourselves as individuals, separated from Nature, the Gods and totally independent from each other.

It is possible to imagine that our spontaneous feelings, though we believe them to be hidden treasures in our souls, may in occult fact be the outer edges of passing daimons. It is as if we are moving, breathing, feeling and thinking into and through a cosmic ocean of fluid forces, radiating intelligences, flowing rays and expansive spheres. The denizens of this active and dramatic cosmos are invisible to our sight, silent to our hearing. However, our own subtle bodies (etheric, astral, spiritual) are infused and woven into this dynamic soul-spiritual world in which we live. 

Close to us within the inner world, daimonic beings are often pictured as colorful spheres of magical influence. These daimons may be clothed in bodies composed of cosmic feeling-soul while their point of consciousness, pictured as the center of the sphere, is anchored in thinking-soul. It is the coincidence of the daimon's vehicle with our astral-soul body which we experience as our personal feeling! Sometimes we experience an idea we've never had before that motivates us to take new action in our lives. Perhaps this new idea is the thinking-soul vehicle of a daimon whose point of awareness is located in cosmic spirit world. This daimonic being may have been directed by the Gods into our personal sphere to inspire a new way of life. Or perhaps the being was simply passing on its providential course through the cosmic thinking-soul to attract and influence any human it encountered into a new way of life.

Physical bodies appear separate due to the 80 or so year periods of time involved in their  emergence from material substance and subsequent decline back into that substance. Developed shapes emerge into soma-types recognized by human cultures. These material shapes inevitably undergo slow inertial changes through interactions with other material shapes and physical conditions.  Ultimately, over long periods of time, material shapes dissolve back into their original unity with material substance. Matter that has been formed and shaped by intelligence can be considered "alive." On the other hand, unformed, "chaotic matter" can be considered "dead." Shaped matter is vitalized by elemental beings who nourish and care for the livingness of physical shapes.

Raw minerals exist as veins of ore locked into hills and mountains. In this state, elemental beings work and weave in the darkness and silence of the mineral bed; growing very slowly, the mineral is still in a natural state, nurtured by elemental gnomes and pygmies. Once human ingenuity contacts this hidden treasure, it is excavated, mined, shipped to factories and processed by extreme heat. The transmuted ore is mixed with other alloying minerals and chemicals, shaped in it's molten state and finally hardened as a finished product. We can say that human design takes over from the natural state of the uncultivated mineral.

Original Human Archetypes, contacted by the perennial smart inventors of new sciences, machines, arts and objects, reside within the sphere of spirit world which is most available to humanity. These thinkers recognize the archetypes that are required to manifest objectively within the cultural moment. Once the facets of the archetype take root within the thinking-soul of the human host, the elementals of thought do their work. Elementals of thought are under the guidance of the Knight of Swords whose quality is Fire of Air. We can imagine these thought-beings as youths who ride the hot winds, panting towards a goal, pointing swords of light as they make their headway, hunched over the back of flying horses, exhaling heated breaths before them as whirlwinds and vertices of hot, surging breezes.

Human intelligence creates tremendously complex buildings, cars, clothing, tools, factories and all the physical objects of our various cultures. Some of these objects are designed to influence heat-generating technologies (combustion, controlled explosions, ect). The heat itself is enlivened and woven through by fire elementals who have a kind of co-intelligence in groups, but not as individuals. Nature's volcanoes, on the other hand, are enlivened and cared for by greater elementals who have their own groups of lesser elementals that follow the patterns generated by the central volcanic being. 

The complex physical process which results in lightning was often seen by our ancestors as sky and weather Gods like Zeus, Yahweh and Thor. I would say that Zeus does have an elemental level of manifestation, in that most Gods are multidimensional. In the spirit world Zeus is the Atmospheric Archetype. In the astral-soul world He is Atmospheric Soul. In the etheric-life world Zeus manifests as Atmospheric Life. In the mineral-physical world He manifests as Atmospheric Expression, the storm itself. In each of the four worlds Zeus is actively working through Elementals (in the physical world), Daimons (in the etheric world), Angels (in the soul world) and Archangels (in the lower spirit world). He is always Himself in the highest, most sublime fiery spirit world. He is unlimited in creativity, formulation and expression of Himself and all His associated phenomena.

Elemental beings enact the patterns of vitality produced by daimonic beings. Daimonic beings are impelled by the powerful thought-forms of angels, who work in groups under the mastery of archangels. Archangels are interwoven into the demiurgic, creative Mind of the Gods which is composed of the archetypes of ideas. The Gods share and co-create the One Idea that is the originating Root of all beingness and existence.

Four Aeons and States of Consciousness

This table of Aeons is derived from the wonderful work of Maggie Ingalls, inventor of Maat Magick. I believe that we have choice as to which of these states of Human Consciousness we want to access. Because contemporary people are living in the Aeon of Maat, we have free belief which lets us investigate former structures of spirituality, ego-developments and states of awareness. 

Dream consciousness is a trance state in which pictorial imagination can be interacted with spontaneously. 

Magical consciousness can be experienced as interactions with many daimonic intelligences in whom we are immersed, while also maintaining our human distinction. 

Rational consciousness is the structure of awareness of our modern materialist, science-based culture. 

Double consciousness is similar to Rudolf Steiner's "consciousness-soul" which he considered to be emerging globally as a way of dwelling in ego-distinction as well as the Higher Self at the same time.

Human Consciousness
Societies and Civilizations
ego immersed within Nature; objective psyche is experienced through total projection upon Nature.
dream consciousness
Nature's mineral, plant and animal kingdoms experienced as "empty vessels" of unconscious projection.
paleolithic peoples, hunter-gatherer societies, relative egalitarianism
ego partly fused, partly separate from immersion within objective psyche; projects psychic forces upon Nature.
magical consciousness
Parts of Nature experienced as participant within mythological beings.
city-states, royalty,  agriculture, wealth-poverty divides
ego- separation
ego completely separated; forms own complex of "tamed" psychic forces; cultural dissociation from archetypal psyche.
rational consciousness
Nature is experienced in state of ever-dividing analysis; non-human kingdoms are devalued and deprived of value.
ideology based in politics & economics, conflicts between mega-nations
free belief
ego-Self axis
ego-complex returns to center of objective psyche as the Self; formation of functional axis between ego-Self.
double consciousness
Humanity retains individual ego-complex while attaining telepathic union with other humans, animals and Nature as a whole.
metaphysical ontology, equality, social justice, shared wealth, moral meaning

We are the bees of the invisible

“We are continually overflowing toward those who preceded us, toward our origin, and toward those who seemingly come after us. ... It is our task to imprint this temporary, perishable earth into ourselves so deeply, so painfully and passionately, that its essence can rise again “invisibly,” inside us. We are the bees of the invisible. We wildly collect the honey of the visible, to store it in the great golden hive of the invisible.” 

―Rainer Maria Rilke

Soli-Lunar Personal Cycles of Spiritual Development

Each Solar Return the spiritual powers of the Sun provide an influx of mystical seeds into the human astral body as new life energies, virtues, powers, and aspects of the Sun God. They are the spiritual seeds of human possibilities and if consciously nourished will evolve into powers and states within the astral-soul body which correspond in their activity to our hidden spiritual attributes. 

Each Lunar Return, returning monthly at the natal degree position, the Moon nurtures these hidden seeds endowing them with magnetic life force for new growth. She brings them down into the etheric-life body, conferring upon us the powers and possibilities of magical forces and liberating states of consciousness.

Hymn to Ra

Book of the Dead, Spell 15A3

Hail to You, Ra at his rising, Atum at his setting.
Ra rising, rising Ra, Ra shining, shining Ra
Dawning as the King of the Gods.
You are lord of sky and earth,
maker of stars above and humans below,
First God coming into being at the start of time,
maker of lands and creator of people,
maker of the deeps and creator of inundation,
maker of water and giving life to what is in water,
fashioner of mountains and bringer into being of animals.

Hail to You Ra, who came forth from the deep!
Ra triumphant, divine youth, heir of eternity,
self-begotten, self-born, sole one, great in number of forms,
King of the Two Lands, Ruler of Heliopolis,
Lord of Eternity, familiar with everlastingness,
No tongue could understand its fellow except for You alone,
You alone are the creator of language!

Invocation of Tzafkiel - Contemplation of God

TzFQIAL: 311
Contemplation of God, Great Spirit who looks upwards from Binah to Keter.
Beholder of God, looking down to Earth through the Holy Soul, Neshamah.

Rav-malach Tzafqiel, Mashal be-Shabbatai, 
Your holy name is Contemplation of God!

Accept my imagination of you, Great One: 
standing upon the clouds, 
clothed in dark blue and gray, 
bearing a staff of implacable fire, 
whose wings are dark, warm red 
like molten rock and whose pale face 
is calm and radiant with silence.

I call upon you Tzafqiel, 
Archangel of Binah, 
Lord of the Angels bearing 
God's Full-Moon Throne, 
Aralim, Thronoi.

Understanding Prince, 
Master of Silence and Forgiveness,
Caretaker of the righteous flames 
aroused in the holy soul of those who dare 
to contemplate the Fiery Root!
O lead me back to the One, 
our paternal flame, 
our quiet paternal harbor!
I pray to you, looking upwards 
to Yechidah within the depth of bliss!
I pray to you, looking down 
into stormy oceans of impermanence! 
Send forth your rays of light 
to raise me from cold waves 
of ever-changing matter.
Lift me out of the turbulent oceans 
of illusory floods and storms!
May I find your luminous thread, 
the strand of warmth which you unfurl 
from your position near the purity of the One,
close to the No-Thought, 
beholding the No-Being, 
resting upon the invisible Naught. 

December 3, 2019

As is your desire, so is your will.

As is your desire, so is your will. As is your will, so is your deed. As is your deed, so is your destiny. —The Upanishads

1.What do I want? What are my wishes, hopes and desires?

2.Which of my wants and hopes have priority and importance now?

3.What am I willing to do to create, make and manifest my valuable desires?

4.When, where and how will I take action? What will I do to help manifest this intention?

December 2, 2019

Prayer On Consulting Celestial Harmony

I recognize the original, immovable, 
primacy of stellar causes,
Creating with powerful thought, 
moving the seven mundane bodies.
Celestial sevenfold fires 
tracing the endless dance of the sky,
White fire waxing and waning, 
swift burning torchbearers,
Stars of morning and evening, 
leading the way to our sun,
grand light of golden fire 
streaming across the heavens,
red fire glowering overhead, 
broad flame serene and wise,
harsh blasts dimmed 
within black heavy clouds.
I reach up to divine creative mind, 
beyond the seven fires of heaven
over the radiant star-crown 
upon the head of cosmic anthropos
visible at night overhead, 
shooting invisible star rays
arrows of thought penetrating 
all that is in flux and movement
influencing archangels, angels, 
daemons, heroes, archai and souls!
I remember the divine Olympians 
standing upon the stars,
Most beautiful ones, greatly powerful, 
perfect in wisdom, unaging,
With no beginning, without end, 
with no attachment to change.
Merciful gods and goddesses, 
ever listening to theurgical cries,
Responding with compassion 
to the prayers of astrologers,
Hear me and purify my soul, 
you Twelve Gods - Dodekatheon,
pour your love into my soul 
and lift me into high Olympian light.

Dreamer Sees All

The Dreamer sees all.
He lives within the dreamworld,
The convergence of all sacrificed ones
Who have given their blood for renewal.
He is humanity’s connection with the gods.
His holy head is buried beneath hills to honor life.
His horns are hidden under black mountains.
His skull is gripped by roots of the world tree.
Cool moist winds blow from his open mouth,
His curving horns express drops of blood,
Always giving his all.

His honorable head lives in the Sun too,
Crowned with light rays, uttering streams of harmony.
His shining face of beautiful gold,
Blesses our earth with justice and power.
His warmth pulsating in rays of light and peace.
Call upon his hands – he has millions.
Call upon his beams – endless strands of love reach us.
Call upon his blood – countless drops of life attend us.

The Dreamer is celestial, terrestrial, chthonic.
He lives in Sun and Wind, Rain and Lightning,
Delivering the power to live and love.
His day is a cosmic fourfold heart:
flying, alighting, falling and hiding.
For he is born, grows, matures and dies
Rhythmically, graciously for us all.
He is Child of Light, World King,
Ancient Sage, Dreaming Mariner.
He dives into cold abysmal waters,
comforting our honored dead.
He is Black Sun of Midnight,
fighting demons, wrestling monsters for us.
Our Dreamer is Fallen King, Just Warrior,
Navigator of Death, Prophet of Rebirth.
From every death he brings himself back.
He swims out of dreamworld, refreshed at dawn.
Serpentine, he coils in green trees,
Flourishing as grain and flowers, feeding us.
He lives with us in our human field,
Friendly lover, princely, brotherly.
He dies like a god into our humanity,
humbled, bleeding in solidarity.
He is Life Giver, Lord of Karma
Master of Death and Rebirth.
Today his head is a sprouting bone,
A buried spirit seed, bright and shining,
Power of all progressing spirits.

Behold him, the slain and risen one,
sprouting tendrils of bliss from curving horns!
Grab hold of these stems of life
Feel the moving sap of creativity!
He dances secretly inside the human soul.
Let us find him in the dreaming moonlight
Even as our own thriving imagination.
Let us recover the Dreamer in his true-love tableau.
Behold the new and old pictures of the Horned One
Whose kingly blood is shed on fields to enliven us.
Let his sangraal permeate the soul with joy and pain,
Pulsing through four red chambers of life
In the cry of human loving-kindness.

In the shadows on his left hides his executioner -
Wielder of a sharp severing scythe.
This killer is hated for his betrayal of our god,
Yet the king reaches out to murderers -
Our god is too strong in love to refuse the blade
Regardless of the sorrows of the past.
In the obscurity at his right hides the fugitive,
Bearer of the smoking torch of lies.
This fraud is scorned for his deceptive stories,
But our king reaches out to crush the deceiver.
God is too luminous in truth to allow the liar,
Even though the future may be painful.
Our god takes scythe and torch
into his own firm-hearted center.
Shielding us from the severing blades
And the glare of untruthfulness
In the reverent singing of his voice.
His just heart is our pure guide
In all unfolding, emerging and rebirthing.