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December 6, 2019

Invocation of Tzafkiel - Contemplation of God

TzFQIAL: 311
Contemplation of God, Great Spirit who looks upwards from Binah to Keter.
Beholder of God, looking down to Earth through the Holy Soul, Neshamah.

Rav-malach Tzafqiel, Mashal be-Shabbatai, 
Your holy name is Contemplation of God!

Accept my imagination of you, Great One: 
standing upon the clouds, 
clothed in dark blue and gray, 
bearing a staff of implacable fire, 
whose wings are dark, warm red 
like molten rock and whose pale face 
is calm and radiant with silence.

I call upon you Tzafqiel, 
Archangel of Binah, 
Lord of the Angels bearing 
God's Full-Moon Throne, 
Aralim, Thronoi.

Understanding Prince, 
Master of Silence and Forgiveness,
Caretaker of the righteous flames 
aroused in the holy soul of those who dare 
to contemplate the Fiery Root!
O lead me back to the One, 
our paternal flame, 
our quiet paternal harbor!
I pray to you, looking upwards 
to Yechidah within the depth of bliss!
I pray to you, looking down 
into stormy oceans of impermanence! 
Send forth your rays of light 
to raise me from cold waves 
of ever-changing matter.
Lift me out of the turbulent oceans 
of illusory floods and storms!
May I find your luminous thread, 
the strand of warmth which you unfurl 
from your position near the purity of the One,
close to the No-Thought, 
beholding the No-Being, 
resting upon the invisible Naught. 

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