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December 6, 2019

Hymn to Ra

Book of the Dead, Spell 15A3

Hail to You, Ra at his rising, Atum at his setting.
Ra rising, rising Ra, Ra shining, shining Ra
Dawning as the King of the Gods.
You are lord of sky and earth,
maker of stars above and humans below,
First God coming into being at the start of time,
maker of lands and creator of people,
maker of the deeps and creator of inundation,
maker of water and giving life to what is in water,
fashioner of mountains and bringer into being of animals.

Hail to You Ra, who came forth from the deep!
Ra triumphant, divine youth, heir of eternity,
self-begotten, self-born, sole one, great in number of forms,
King of the Two Lands, Ruler of Heliopolis,
Lord of Eternity, familiar with everlastingness,
No tongue could understand its fellow except for You alone,
You alone are the creator of language!

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