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December 21, 2019

A Three Stage Model of Problem Spirits

VEXATION:  a human resonates with the qualitative elements of the Shell or demon, allowing the spirit to appear within their personal environment. Resonance may occur through enduring and repeated destructive habits of behavior, speech and belief. 

Negative habits of long-standing (over a year) which include self- and other-destructive fantasies, as well as thinking attached to materialistic non-spirituality, contribute to the setting up of resonance with the demonic. 

When undergoing vexation, individuals may notice chains of bad luck, sudden recurring spells of fatigue for no medical reason, negative synchronicity where outer events appear to line up with inner destructive fantasies, moods and thoughts. 

A magical link between the person's aura is "set" to resonate unconsciously by habitual destructive thinking, feeling and imagining.

OBSESSION: the psyche of the victim is influenced and even directed by the kelipah, particularly on the level of thought and feeling. While the Shell is operating upon the person's aura from outside, it has penetrated the individual's aura to some extent. Obsessing spirits can attack the egoic-spirit aura level (which is outermost) based on the individual's level of spiritual blindness This is generally due to lack of functional belief in the spiritual world. The astral-soul aura is nested within the egoic aura and is penetrated when violent and destructive thoughts predominate. The etheric-life aura, closest to the physical body, is made more vulnerable by evil imaginations and fantasies. Etheric penetration and vitality vampirism by the kelipot often results in noticeable lethargy and poor health.

POSSESSION: generally the astral-soul body is the goal for entity possession since it is the generator of I-awareness within the personality. The attacking kelipah wants to destroy the I-being which is the central, crowning point of choice within the human soul. Invading entities try to promote mental dullness, emotional reactivity and low vitality. The benefits of these mind-states for the invader are that the victim remains unaware of the intrusive and commanding intelligence of the shell. The I-being or human ego is "drowned" in emotional reactivity. This means there is a loss of the ability to engage in self-reflection as well as self-distance as part of the observing mind. Over-stimulation of emotion drives a falsely generated etheric vitality, which allows the invader to feed upon and consolidate it's attachment to the aura. The invader, working through the etheric body, can then exert control over the speech and behavior of the physical body. This is the final goal of all demonic influence: to fully inhabit the human physical body.

The general process of demonic incursion is from the external environment within to the core psychosomatic form of the human personality. At vexation, spirits attached to objects, people and places which are encountered in the environment may stick to the outermost auric field of humans who resonate with non-spirituality, atheism and materialist ideologies.

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