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December 2, 2019

Prayer On Consulting Celestial Harmony

I recognize the original, immovable, 
primacy of stellar causes,
Creating with powerful thought, 
moving the seven mundane bodies.
Celestial sevenfold fires 
tracing the endless dance of the sky,
White fire waxing and waning, 
swift burning torchbearers,
Stars of morning and evening, 
leading the way to our sun,
grand light of golden fire 
streaming across the heavens,
red fire glowering overhead, 
broad flame serene and wise,
harsh blasts dimmed 
within black heavy clouds.
I reach up to divine creative mind, 
beyond the seven fires of heaven
over the radiant star-crown 
upon the head of cosmic anthropos
visible at night overhead, 
shooting invisible star rays
arrows of thought penetrating 
all that is in flux and movement
influencing archangels, angels, 
daemons, heroes, archai and souls!
I remember the divine Olympians 
standing upon the stars,
Most beautiful ones, greatly powerful, 
perfect in wisdom, unaging,
With no beginning, without end, 
with no attachment to change.
Merciful gods and goddesses, 
ever listening to theurgical cries,
Responding with compassion 
to the prayers of astrologers,
Hear me and purify my soul, 
you Twelve Gods - Dodekatheon,
pour your love into my soul 
and lift me into high Olympian light.

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