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November 19, 2019

Concepts around the threefold human organism are from the medical works of Rudolf Steiner which I have depicted in my own understanding. He conceived of the human being as triune in nature where the head-nerve system confronts the metabolic-limb system and the two are balanced by the circulatory-heart system in the middle. The goal of modern initiation is the inhabit and enliven the middle way between overly sensation-driving materialism and too much unthinking, unconscious activity. The middle is represented by the flowing, heating and enlivening blood streaming throughout all parts of the body. The lower metabolic system is represented in our digestive organs which breakdown and extract etheric-life force. The upper head-sense system provides sensory information from the external world, yet also has a hardening, mineralizing effect upon human consciousness. The heart-circulation system is enhanced and strengthened by art-making, and so a small picture emerged.
Threefold Human Body (adapted from Rudolf Steiner)

Head-Nerve Circle – The top of three circles, partitioned by five black lines which represent sensation: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching. The five segments of the circle are colored grey, brown, maroon.  I associate the Head-Nerve System with letter Alef, Elemental Air and the Astral-Soul Body to this circle.
Heart-Rhythmic Circle – The middle of the three circles which has 8 segments colored according to the rainbow and representing the centrality of loving mediation between sensory and metabolic awareness. I associate letter Shin, Elemental Fire and Spirit-Self or manas to this circle.
Metabolic-Limb Circle – The bottom of the circles which is a series of concentric circles denoting the magnetic-etheric body. This circle radiates four "limbs" of the body as rays of red, yellow, blue and gree. I associate letter Mem, Elemental Water, and the Etheric -Life Body to this circle.

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