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November 20, 2019

On Divine Perfection and Personal Goodness

Divine Perfection is a spiritual reality. However, in human life, in my human life, perfection is converted into an “-ism” which makes it rigid and unloving. I prefer to conceive of my limited human nature and the inevitable mistakes, error in thought and other problems as unfilled spaces in a crossword puzzle. These spaces in the puzzle of life are filled up with unconditional acceptance, rather than rigidly defined demands for doing the right thing or acting in the socially proscribed fashion.

Perfectionism leads me down paths of anxiety and disappointment. No human, myself included, can be perfect by nature of our being merely human. Yet we are all born in original goodness which does not change in volume through positive or negative experiences. I cannot lose amy particle of goodness, for it is innate and original to my value as a human being. Nor can I gain more goodness through meritorious acts. 

Goodness is different from merit, which doesn’t operate in the spiritual world, contrary to the religious program we may have been taught. Merit works solely within a human control system and implies rewards in if we live according to the defined codes of behavior. If we think "correctly" (perfectly) we will be rewarded for our meritorious beliefs. 

But since there is no need to be perfect, we are free to learn and be prompted by mistakes to return to the spiritual world for fresh insights upon this life. This life is a work in progress and my learning is open-ended because the spiritual world is unlimited. Updates in the personality are needed to keep pace with inner light.

Divine Perfection is a whole other matter. Divine P. is the natural, essential state of super-consciousness which cannot be altered or changed in any way by any intelligence able to operate upon that level of awareness. Humans can learn how to consult that Divine P. and invite it to create theurgically through, within and around us. I think that is a good thing to do. 

But any expectation of personal perfection is a set up for nearly immediate failure, and then you have to work that out emotionally and socially. It seems to me a waste of time and energy when I can adopt a more flexible approach. This tells me I can aspire and work toward the big DP, and make practicing the mental conditions for cooperation with It a part of my daily habits. 

Still, the spiritual world has It’s own ways of which I am not fully conscious because I live in a time of dimness and forgetting of the spirit. That is okay, though painful at times, because I am still originally good and deeply acceptable in all my parts. Being imperfect allows me to love myself more freely and to work creatively inside the soul to align with my true home in IT, the only Divine Perfection.

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