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November 19, 2019


 1. Prepare a circle.

2. Purification with Water:
Asperges me, AGLA, hyssopo, et mundabor; lavabis me, et super nivem dealbabor.

3. Consecration with Fire:
Accendat in nobis, AHIH, ignem sui amoris et flammam aeternae caritatis.

4. Preparation of Space:
O Eternal God, wise, strong, and mighty, Creator of the world, come to this place and sanctify it with your Presence. May Your virtue and Your blessing descend to this place and make it holy. O you angels and spirits, be present at this consecration, through the true living and eternal God, Who created even you and me from nothing.

5. Confession:
O Lord God, Universal Creative Law, Source of All, I have uttered negative beliefs into your Creative Mind in my thoughts and in my words, in what I have done in anger and what I have failed to do in fear. I affirm You in Your endless merciful forgiveness! Now I declare that You have released me from the effects of my mistaken beliefs and You are leading me into the everlasting life of my highest good!

6. Fundamental Invocation:
Omnipotent and Eternal God, Alpha and Omega, AO; Alef and Tav, ETh; Beginning and the End, Universal Creative Mind - I invoke and affirm Your Divine Power and Authorship, and ask You to favor and assist me in all my works, words and actions. Aid and bear witness to my spiritual endeavor. Send forth Your faithful Angelic and Ministering Spirits, where ever they might be, by the vibration of Your Holy Names. May they come quickly when called, visibly and peacefully before me. I have been granted the inner-self power to conjure Your spirits so that they answer my questions and follow my instructions faithfully and to my satisfaction. Grant me success in this endeavor and the strength and protection from You through Your glorious Law of All Good. This word I speak with all my strength. Amen.

-Repeat each conjuration multiple times before moving on to the next one. 50% of the time, they appear after the first two-

7. Conjuration #1:
O Eternal Omnipotent God, Who has formed every creature around a kernel of Divine Light, to praise and honor You, and for the Ministry of Man: I beseech You to send to me the Spirit (N) who may

inform, teach, and assist me concerning those things which I request of him. Amen.

8. Conjuration #2:
O Spirit N, servant of God, hear me and be my friend. I seek to know you. I want to partake of your knowledge. Descend in peace before me now in this temple of art that I have prepared for you. O (N), appear before me now as I call you with the blessings of heaven.

9. Conjuration #3:
I call upon you O Spirit N. by the virtue of the Great and Holy Names of God, to immediately and without delay appear before me and answer to all that I request of you. I call and conjure you by YAHWEH ELOHIM, EL, ELOHIM GIBOR, YAHWEH ELOAH VE’DAAT, YAHWEH TZABAOT, ELOHIM TZABAOT, SHADDAI EL CHAI, and ADONAI HA’ARETZ. Even by the name of EHIEIH ASHER EHIEIH you are fully connected to me and so appear before me now. Hear me N, for it is not I, but God Himself who calls you here now.

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