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November 19, 2019


According to Rudolf Steiner, Ahriman is preparing to physically incarnate in a human body any time now! Don't you think we should get to know this Evil before he gets to know us?

1. Tracing the Invoking Infernal Pentagram of Earth intone AHRIMAN. Then speak the invocation:

Ahriman, Angra Mainyu, Tuval Qayin, Spirit of Darkness, Miner, Mineralizing the Earth, Divine Materialist, Metallurgist, Marvelous Mechanist, Artificer of Magical Machines, influencing human bodies by afar h’afar I invoke your dark intelligence!

2. Tracing the Invoking Infernal Pentagram of Water, intone QAYIN. Then speak the invocation:

Qayin, Son of Samael and Eve, First Nephilim, half-man half angel, Murderer, sacrificing to the Earth, marked with horns, Father of Witches, First Root-worker and Apothecary, influencing human life-bodies by afar hamayim, I invoke your sorcerous intelligence!

3.Tracing the Invoking Infernal Pentagram of Air, intone SHAITAN. Then speak the invocation: 

Shaitan, Yahweh’s Prosecutor, Accuser of Men, Disturber of God, Mastema, Leader of the Fallen Ones, Great Red Dragon, Devil, Iblis, Emperor of the Nine Circles of Hell, influencing human astral-souls by afar h’avir, I invoke your earthly intelligence!

4. Tracing the Invoking Infernal Pentagram of Fire, intone SATURNUS. Then speak the invocation:

Kronos, Saturn, Son of Ouranos and Gaia, Husband of Rhea, Devourer of Children, Father of Zeus, Grandfather of Time, Dead God-King, Ruler of Blessed Heroes in Elysium, influencing human spirit-egos by afar ha’esh, I invoke your intricate intelligence!

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