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November 19, 2019


This is a magical meditation designed to foster spiritual alignment with five levels of inner world beings who are of the class of Archangels or “civic spirits.” I drew upon the imagery of the municipal seal of Boston and that of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, where I live. While I included my city and state, please feel free to reflect your own location.

After one's own Angel, the first civic spirit is that of the city or town within which you live. Next is the archangel of your state or commonwealth, followed by the great national archangel of the United States of America, envisioned as Lady Liberty. The fifth spirit is called a Time Spirit, the next grade up from Archangel, which is the Lord of our present time period – Michael, the Sun Spirit. 

1. Turn to your Holy Guardian Angel in imagination and reflect upon the image you have of them: whose most dense body is etheric-warmth; whose organization of consciousness is focused within the fiery forces of the higher self; and whose directing center of causal awareness is located in spirit-self or manas.

2. Next turn to the Civic Spirits within whom we live and breathe. First, the Municipal Archangel, Bostonia, whom I can imagine as a great young woman, wearing a turkey feather cap, and swathed in a swirling deep blue gown, standing on the Shawmut peninsula behind the gold dome of the capital on Beacon Hill, framed by two green hills, gazing out upon the Harbor, the three rivers flowing around her feet into the Atlantic. Contemplate the magical image until it feels right to move onward.

3. Take a wider lens view and behold the State Archangel Massachussentis, the Golden Indian of the Commonwealth or Holy Woodsman, standing near a gigantic, cosmic green pine tree, holding his bow and arrow, and a pure white star shining above his head. Behind him in the distance are the Berkshire Mountains, astride the waters of the Quabbin Reservoir, Wachusett Mt. to his left. Maintain the magical image until ready to continue.

4. Bring it visually further out, and visualize Lady Freedom, Archangel of America, encompassing the whole continental USA. Her outer cloak is blue and inner gown is red, and on her breast is a gold seal with “US” on it. She is crowned with a cap of golden eagle feathers, and a circlet of silver stars. Her right-hand rests casually on the sheathed sword of liberty, and her left-hand rests on the federal shield and holds a laurel wreath. Again, contemplating this great picture of the National Archangel, maintain until it feels right to move.

5. Change states of mind entirely and focus on the world of the Chronocrator or Time Spirit of this Era, Archangel of the Sun, Michael. Visualize Michael clothed like a Roman soldier, his radiant golden-orange wings wide and sweeping, his smiling face shining with confidence and power, his right arm enfolding planet Earth and his left-hand brandishing a fiery sword of protection over the planet.          6. When ready, give thanks to Michael the Time Lord of this Era. Feel yourself to contain a spark of his golden fire.

          a. Descend into the middle of the United States where you behold Lady Freedom. Pass the golden spark to Her and feel a ray of light which frees from suffering pass from Her eyes to yours.

          b. Descend back into the presence of the State Archangel and his pine tree. Allow the ray of freedom from suffering to move from your eyes into the heart of the State Archangel while feeling a wave of compassion pour from his heart into yours.

          c. Descend again into the presence of the Archangelic Municipal Being, Bostonia. Pour the compassionate wave of energy from your heart into hers, even as a ripple of earthy power ascends the Archangel’s legs into her hips, passing into your lower body.

          e. Turn and visualize your own Holy Guardian Angel at your side, bringing you back into your world and your daily life. 

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