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November 17, 2019


Archangelic Eagle, Folk Spirit 
of The United States of America,
Always sounding the national motto 
E Pluribus Unum, “From the Many, One.”
Your head shines like peaks of mountains 
and the crown of creation.
Your wings embrace the whole nation 
from East to West, North to South.
You envision the enriching passions 
of the Thirteen Founding Star-States
As the first nucleus of liberty and justice,
the spiritual core of the nation.

Spirit Eagle, spread your holy wings 
over the two chambers of the elected:
Curve your two wings of spirit 
over the Senate and over the House
Inspiring the powers of ethical clarity 
within the hearts of all Members,
Awakening clear sight, clean speech, 
cooperation and compassion in them.
Govern and balance our representatives 
between the arrows and olive branch,
Destroying and nurturing, fighting 
and harmonizing, making war and peace.

Oh, Great Eagle upon your heart 
you bear the tri-colored Shield
Announcing merciful visions, 
rigorous activity and equalizing justice!
Shelter the least powerful from 
the depredation of the mighty among us!
Protect the People with wise laws 
infusing the whole with your Folk Spirit,
Forging from many cultural metals 
one great and glorious Shield for the soul,
Allowing self-expression, 
journeys to happiness, 
and freedom from all hate.

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