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November 19, 2019


Visualize a radiant White Cloud filling the sky overhead and shining upon a beautiful, tall Tree standing in a lush meadow filled with flowers and a winding stream singing to itself. Behind the Tree is circle of seven thrones arranged in a crescent.

Emerging from the One Mind as shafts of light from a numinous cloud, may I behold the holy torchbearers of the Mysteries.

I recognize you, Founders of the three parts of the wisdom of the whole universe: Mothers of Alchemy, Lords of Astrology, Teachers of Theurgy. I realize the continuance of your leading minds upon our Way. I have faith that you are pouring out your golden goodness and kindness upon the shadows within which we often struggle. I cherish your profound compassion and the charity of your wisdom and power for you are the ones who established our Golden Chain of initiation, intuition and illumination. I proclaim your names, such as I have learned, in reverence, in hope and in realization of your living Lights:

Tahuti, Hermes, Zoroaster, Abraham, Moses, Solomon, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Iamblichus, Plotinus, Proclus, Thebit, Agrippa, Lilly, Hockley, Mathers, Steiner, Crowley, Fortune, Jung, Regardie and many other unknown superiors.

Allow seven rays of white light formulate upon the thrones and let images of the Adepts emerge as they will.

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