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November 17, 2019


Spirit Man, Source, Power and Fire!
I behold you, Yechidah, True Individual,
in garments of light, brilliant white tunic,
cloth of wisdom woven with threads of truth,
patterned with cosmic ornaments
tinctured with colors beyond sight.

Life Spirit, Mind, Wisdom and Flame!
As the holy garment of Yechidah, 
You are Chayah, rainbow coat, spirit-skin,
nourishing eternally existant Being,
protecting souls from incineration.
Cased in the ontic placenta of beauty, 
You hold the First Ideas swimming in joy.
Father of Life, intellectual choir of Ideas, 
Your movement is clothed in a holy soul.

Neshamah, Holy Soul, Spirit Self!
cloak of flame, luminous veil,
Mask of wise and central Fires.
Your shield saves me from your sting,
Your ornate mask teaches me,
Your magical seal shines like a map.
Oh Chariot of fire, vehicle of Spirit,
Come and dwell within my soul.
Great vessel of understanding,
Web of arteries pulsing with love,
Moving through streaming juices,
Flowing behind husk and hull,
Bark of the trees of heaven
Rind for sweet and fragrant sap.
Holy Neshamah, breathing self,
You are the river and the banks,
fruit and skin, light and vessel,
love and action, thought and word.
Lead me in the path of goodness,
Guide me on the way of beauty,
Help me to build the house of wisdom.

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