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November 17, 2019


This process is a compilation of various pieces lifted from other practitioners of magic, NLP and cognitive therapy. I found it very helpful, especially "up-leveling" of desires.

Five Steps:

1.    Have a desire.

2.    Notice it, write it down.

3.    Up-level the desire into True Will.

4.    Use self-hypnosis to develop essential True Will.

5.    See what happens and record it.

Up-Leveling Process:

If I focus on what I really want, I’d have many more possibilities for success. Ask myself these questions, and keep going until I get down to my core goal. Knowing my core goal gives me much more flexibility in attaining it.

So, what is my positive purpose in getting this goal?

o   What will this goal really get for me?

o   What do I really want by having X?

o   What is the underlying goal of this goal?

o   What is my true will in this desire for X?

o   What will having X really do for me that is positive?

o   What will getting X do for me?

o   When I imagine the essential desire at the root of my goal of having X, what might that be?

Self-Hypnosis to Develop True Will:

1.    Boil down your essential desire at the root of your goal of having the particular outcome into one word.

2.    Formulate this word into a sigil of desire.

3.    Enter a light trance and visualize the sigil upon a doorway. Open the door and enter into the imaginal landscape associated with your true will. Have encounters and experiences with the beings of the landscape, and let your magical intention focus your progression through these encounters. Let the best outcome be rooted in the attainment of your true will.

4.    Write down the trance experience. Decide if the trance work has shown you anything new or unexpected that you need to incorporate into your plans for manifesting true will. If it seems you’ve done enough then watch for observable results within your environment that match your true will. Otherwise, plan and execute a new enchantment.

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