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November 17, 2019


Magic has four components for me. Magic is a process of dynamic communication between the universal being and me. In practicing magic, I access forces of motivation which help me engage with my life.  In practicing magic, I cultivate positive personal qualities and grow as an individual. As a magician I study, test and play with ways and means to effect change in my life.

As a magician, I have a shadow-side. My primary shadow appears to be mistrust in the communication between Universal Being and myself. I collapse into a posture of grasping; the natural flow of magic is blocked by my fear. Back currents generate unintended magical side effects; failure focuses my frustration.

To counteract my magician's shadow, I choose to reaffirm my connections with the universal being through developing the mystic path. When I discover myself shrouded by the magical shadow, I will practice surrender and gratitude to the higher energy pattern. I will take on the stance of non-attachment to the ever-changing thoughts, feelings and sensations of the mind-stream. I can also generate the magic of reframing events, perhaps negative and undesired, as “perfect” in their ability to teach me now. I must acknowledge the mystery of magic as greater than my small perspective and  ask - what patterns are unfolding now?

The Universal Being is also called the Kabbalistic Yechidah (Unity), Anthroposophical Spirit-Being, Theosophical Monad, Christian Godhead, the Vedantic Brahman and the Wu Wei of Taoism.  It is absolute Love, indestructible Being, fathomless Existence, limitless Bliss and radiant Knowledge. The physical universe is the body of the One Being and It is discovered in the deepest/highest core of every form, and the heart of every sentient creature.  All forms from the most subtle to the most concrete have arisen from the fountain of the One Being. 
The Self of the Universe is omnipresent throughout the cosmos, while within me a Spark of the Divine is my Higher Self.  My Higher Self is in complete holistic resonance with the Universal Being beyond time and space and events. I am a creation of the One Being, and as I become more aware of Its love, I become more of a channel for Its ongoing process of unfolding. 
The channel through my life-pattern (that I have created by inner work) is a connecting link between me and the intelligence of the Universe. This intelligence, or flow of universal energy, is an incoming stream of essential powers that I call the magical current. 

The magical current is an abstract flow of energies stemming from the Higher Self, which it is my task as keeper of the channel to define and utilize. I have a unique channel which is shaped by the holism of my present life pattern. My life-pattern changes as each object, person or quality is added or subtracted from the whole. Therefore, the magical current will shift forms during these course changes.
The magical current is an expression of love from my True Self and is personalized and individualized to meet me just as I am now. I believe my Higher Self loves and accepts me as I am, and yet also holds a higher energy pattern which magnetically draws me into deeper states of magical awareness. The magical current is my link with my real self and enables the process of dynamic communication, which is the first component of my practice of magic.

In practicing magic I access forces of motivation which help me engage with living my life as fully as I can and with the most learning, joy and fun. The forces of motivation are my desires, needs and wants which I affirm as positive and useful. I believe that my wants and needs are messages from my deeper Self communicating to me through my psychological patterns. Even my small, daily wants are messages of guidance and are not without meaning. My desires are an element of the inner voice of intuition which allows me to comprehend and follow the teaching and guiding of my Higher Self. My desires have many levels of meaning and intensity.

The higher level of desire I call my hearts desires.  These are my most enduring spiritual dreams and visions. These desires stay with me, returning again and again as the magical current sweeps through me in cyclical pulsations. When I enchant for events or things related to these deeper desires, they will tend to manifest more vividly and with sometimes radically transforming power. It may be that my hearts desires are closest to what I comprehend of my Higher Self’s own desires for me. 

          The movement of the magical current fountaining from my True Self is composed of incoming desire, rather than outgoing desire. Outgoing desire is what I usually experience moment to moment - I want something out there! It is as if beams of will force ray out of my aura seeking to grasp what I want. Incoming desire arises with a quality that I want to call erised, or eris-(ed), in reference to the goddess of chaos who tossed the golden apple of desire. The flow into my life pattern from the Higher Self is like that apple, liberating a uniquely personal stream of my interests and fascinations, energies and capabilities.

This inflow of expansive higher powers into my personal life pattern at times feels erratic and revolutionary.  It sets my circle spinning and turning at a new speed, moving into new meters that match the place I find myself.  Often the inflowing energy feels fresh, firm and loving - like an old friend that I had forgotten temporarily, but who is glad to see me.  Perhaps most often I don’t even notice the inflow and so it work out easily without my conscious interference.

Magic based in outgoing desires and forces of will uses the energy of attraction and is magnetic. Magnetism is useful in that the results I obtain from minute reshaping of the Cosmos gives me feedback regarding the state of my alignment with the magical current. Still, outgoing desire and magnetic magic provides a less accurate quality of personal transformation.
Magic based in the incoming desire has a radiant, expressive quality. Spiritual radiation is useful in that it is based in the luminous desires of my True Self. These radiant desires are truly transformative and liberating, not only for me, but sometimes for those who live within the sphere of my life-pattern. The payoff from radiant desire is greater in the long run than the payoff from magnetic desire. However, in my understanding, I need both radiance and magnetism to be fulfilled.

The golden apple of Eris may also be the same fruit of the Garden of the Hesperides which were the apples of immortality. In that case, incoming desires are like rays of spiritual sunlight striking the heart to awaken me into an eternal golden dawn of love and reunion with the Higher Self.  

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