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November 20, 2019


Great Thor I invoke You:
Massive, red-bearded, outspoken and indomitable!
Armed with Hammer, Iron Gloves, and Girdle of Strength,
You are filled with vigor and endless power!
Thor, Lord of Thunder, I invoke You:
Come, Huge One, all adorned in gold and silver,
wearing the great arm-ring of mens oaths,
sign of Your Justice and sponsorship of Law.
Come now from Bilskirnir, Your Shining Hall in Asgard.

Come to Your holy Midgard temple, Mighty Thor.
Take Your thron on the high-seat of the Gods
flanked by oaken pillars, axis of sky power.
Come to the iron altar where burns perpetual flame:
Oh Thor, Lord of Fire, I invoke You!
In Your red head is lodged a whetstone splinter
a god-nail, a fire-spark, cast by the Giant Hrungnir,
igniting Your splendid flaming Lightning flash.
Your eyes shine with a terrible glaring brilliance
as the fearsome power of Your voice shakes the sky -
You are a God of great strength and uncertain temper. 

I invoke You, Redbeard, Mighty Thor:
Reliant upon Your strong right arm,
Come, striding through the shining realms of the Aesir.
Progressing with power through the Nine Worlds
overthrowing all Giants and overcoming all trials.
Come destroying Your adversaries simply and directly -
Killing Frost Giants, shattering cold skulls with Mjollnir;
Slaying Giantesses, breaking backs with huge boulders.

Thor, You have done many great works in history
Then come again - shattering cliffs with Your Will!
I invoke You, High Thunderer, Mighty Thor:
Call down fierce storms upon Your adversaries:
Frost Giants, Dwarves, Fenris Wolf and World Snake.
Oh Thor, puff out the red bristles of your beard
calling up the gale winds against Your enemies! 

I invoke You, Son of Odin, Son of Earth:
Come, sitting splendidly in the wheeled sky-wagon.
Come driving the silver chariot drawn by two Goats.
The sound of the wagon wheels rouses thunder
echoing from crown to root of Yggdrasil.
Come, driving across skies of blue and silver
even as You drive black rainclouds like cattle.
Oh Charioteer, come driving over blue heaven.
The way of the moon resounds before You!
The flash of heavenly power burns within You!
Earth, ground of the deep, is beaten with hail,
Yggdrasill groans under blasting gale winds
as the Goats draw Your thundering chariot to me!
Rocks shake and boulders shatter; high heaven burns! 

I invoke You Thor, Storm God:
You rule the Air with the blast of Your breath,
Air controlling hot thunder and lightning,
soft rain and clouds, swift winds and storms,
fair weather and the fruits of the earth.
You have dominion over sky and storms, Great Thor,
Grant me fair winds and favorable weather.
I invoke You Thor, most highly honored of the Gods:
Your power extends over all aspects of life and well-being.

Then send me the flame of Fire to light my path
for You are the sure guide of the journeyer.
Oh Redbeard, guide my actions at crossroads of decision.
I place my whole trust in your eye for justice towards men.
Send me just measure of both sunshine and rainfall. 

I invoke You Thor, Champion of the Aesir:
All the Gods proclaim You heavens greatest treasure,
for You defend Asgard from the Giants assault.
You guard not only the Halls of Light,
but also the humbler homesteads of men,
hallowed by Your sacred Fire and Hammer.
Mighty Thor, Defense of Men:
In Asgard You keep safe the Gods of plenty
so They may grant peace to our homes.
In Midgard You battle violent Frost Giants
Who unceasingly threaten our security.
In Niflheim You bind the Dragon Nidhogg
Who devours our dead who would rest.

I invoke You Thor, Lord of Lightning:
When You throw the mighty Hammer of Light
It unerringly returns to You powerful hand.
Even as You may destroy with Lightning blasts
So with Mjollnir You may renew and restore life. 
For the Hammer is symbol of Sun and Fire,
as well as Your Thunder and Lightning.

Great Thor, In Whom Men Trust:
All life is made holy by Your golden Hammer:
Blessings of Thor upon my relationships,
Hallows of Thor upon my beginnings,
Protection of Thor upon my powers,
Defense of Thor upon my path,

Restoration by Thor of my wealth,
Activation by Thor of my regeneration.

(Trace Hammer-sign in directions noted):

Hammer in the East hallow and hold my holystead.
Hammer in the South hallow and hold my holystead.
Hammer in the West hallow and hold my holystead.
Hammer in the North hallow and hold my holystead.
Hammer Above me hallow and hold my holystead.
Hammer Below me hallow and hold my holystead.

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