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November 20, 2019


Oh Mother Spirit Liberty,
our nations roots are found in you
We look upon the swaying Tree
Which grows upon the sacred land
Was planted deep by mothers hand
O Tree of Freedom standing tall
Five-fingered leaves of gracious sprawl
Unfurled to catch the shining Sun
Reminding us that we are one
Engaged in roots and spreading wide
Through soil slide to find your place
From where the Sun arises fresh
And where he sets into the west.

Embracing wings of fire and night
Your Eagle Spirit spans the light
With Sun he flies from the Atlantic,
With Sun he dives into the Pacific
His brilliant head, a pure white star
Defends our country from  afar.
His golden beak, now opened wide
Emits the voice of freedoms pride.
His piercing scream enchants the air
His fiery eyes shoot sparkling flares
His talons grip our civic signs - 
The laurel wreath and freedom pine,
The golden arrows of the Sun,
And shield of stars protects our run.

The Eagle circles overhead
He cries aloud and casts a thread
Let’s follow him, his star-white head.
The Eagle leads us to the Tree
Which grows enormous, wise and free
The Tree of Peace is evergreen
It spreads its branches sweet and clean.
Find the shade that Freedom cast
Take up your place to make it last
Nourish the Tree of Liberty
Breathe the scent that keeps us free.

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